Kickstarters we love, from snowboards to cargo bikes to the future of housing

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One can really get a case of Kickstarter ennui, there are so many these days it is hard to keep up. Here are a few pitches thrown at us that I find intriguing.

Empire Grown

I love my snowboard; I am one of those older riders disparagingly called "greys on trays". I ride a board from a major multinational company, but was totally charmed by this pitch from Ben Beisler and Zhenya Grinshteyn, who build "small batch snowboards" from trees behind their shop in the Adirondacks. Theirs is a fascinating story of design and craft; I learned more about how these things are made by reading their pitch than I could imagine. Zhenya wrote in an email:

On top of using our own trees, we design our snowboards to be made in a way that leaves minimal waste behind. To reach our goal of doing it all ourselves with minimal waste material we've been slowly building all of our own tooling to make sure we can build exactly how we want to.

They are running out of time at Kickstarter.

Less Car More Bike

Filmmaker Liz Canning wants to produce "A crowdsourced feature film that will revolutionize ideas of what a bicycle can do and how a documentary is made."

By interweaving Co-Directors’ footage with interviews Liz has shot with riders, designers, shop owners, advocates and pioneers, LESS CAR MORE GO will tell the tale of the cargo bike, from the original bakfiets and rickshaws in Europe and Asia, to the birth of the Longtail in Australia and Nicaragua, through the year 2014 when sales are doubling and tripling annually, and the global cargo bike culture is exploding!

April wrote about this earlier, but it is a great one and time is running out. More on Kickstarter here.

The Future of Housing - And How Airtightness Can Help

I am a fan of Ben Adam-Smith and his website House Planning Help; I have been interviewed by him and have listened to others and learned a lot. He has just launched a kickstarter to raise funds to make a video about airtightness. If that sounds a video watching paint dry, it's not.

Airtightness is the most unappreciated factor that contributes towards making buildings energy efficient. Whilst many people know about the importance of insulation when it comes to heat loss, few people realise that airtightness plays an even more significant role. Indeed, without good airtightness, most of our bulk insulation materials perform less well.

More on Kickstarter.

Kickstarters we love, from snowboards to cargo bikes to the future of housing
A roundup of some of the favorite pitches happening now.

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