Keep on Trucking: More Ideas Going Mobile, From DNA Testing to 3D Printing

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TreeHugger has been following the business-in-a-truck trend, paraphrasing Jane Jacobs:

Fifty years ago, Jane Jacobs wrote "New ideas must use old buildings." Today she might write "New ideas need old trucks." It's an important trend that mixes an old idea with new technology, that is changing the way people start and run businesses.

Who's Your Daddy?

There certainly are some odd ones, but this might top it: mobile DNA testing. In New York City you don't have to go to a lab; it will come to you. According to Springwise,

Health Street reportedly now offers its paternity tests via a roving van on the streets of New York City as well. Specifically, patrons at the company’s mobile DNA testing truck can now have a simple cheek swab taken in the truck for lab analysis. Pricing starts at USD 299, and a prescription is reportedly required. Results are delivered in a few days.

Off The Griddle

Here is a food truck that pushes every TreeHugger button; a vegan food truck powered by renewable energy that composts everything, and a great pun of a name. They are trying to raise money on Kickstarter to create the most sustainable restaurant in Portland.

We will put our Kickstarter funds toward outfitting our new, expanded location with a host of sustainable features; including solar panels, LEED Certification, reclaimed furniture, recycled plastic chairs, new energy efficient equipment, low wattage fixtures & lighting, recycled or reclaimed countertops, low flow plumbing, grey water recycling program, building gardens for our garden to table program, rainwater harvesting, and ensuring that new building materials are made with post-consumer content or otherwise sustainably sourced.

Driving the New Manufacturing Revolution

sparktruck interior© Sparktruck

The 3D Printing Revolution will be mobile, as the SparkTruck travelled 13,000 miles this summer to show kids what the technology can do. The Stanford University coordinator tells Fast Company:

The ‘high-tech’ tools we have in the truck are a laser cutter, two 3-D printers, a vinyl cutter, sewing machines and a clay oven. We also have a wide assortment of ‘low tech’ tools such as hammers, scissors, hot glue guns, tape, and various craft supplies,” explains coordinator Jason Chua. “We use these tools in tandem with one another--the high-tech tools like the laser cutter and vinyl cutter get people excited and allow them to create more durable final products and low-tech tools allow for more freedom of expression and hands on tinkering.

More at SparkTruck

Keep on Trucking: More Ideas Going Mobile, From DNA Testing to 3D Printing
The future is mobile as businesses dematerialize and hit the road

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