Green Economy Employs More People Than Fossil Fuels

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all images: Brookings Institution
Brookings Institution has a new report out on green jobs and the clean economy in the US which contains some truly encouraging (and perhaps surprising) findings. Topping the list is that, though the clean economy grew more slowly than the economy as a whole between 2003-2010, at about 2.7 million workers, the green economy employs more people than all of the fossil fuel industry. Other top line stats:

About 26% of all clean economy jobs are in manufacturing, compared to just 9% for the entire economy. As for the value of goods produced, clean economy exports are worth twice as much per job as typical US jobs.

Median wages in the clean economy are 13% higher than the median US wage, with a disproportionate number of these jobs held by workers with "relatively little formal education in moderately well-paying 'green collar' occupations."

As for where these jobs are located, the South has the largest number of clean economy jobs, but the West has the highest amount per capita. 64% of all clean economy jobs and 75% of jobs created from 2003-2010 are in the countries 100 largest metro areas.

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