Eco Market is like Etsy for Eco

EcoMarket screenshotEcoMarket/Screen capture

The green movement has had a fair share of ups and downs in recent years. Lloyd recently noted a study showing declining public interest in environmental issues, Ecomom, the eco-friendly shopping site shut down facing financial woes and the NYTimes shut down its environmental desk, just to name a few recent examples.

On the positive side, the climate movement is gaining momentum, President Obama has pledged to address climate change in his second term and in the consumer world, a site called Eco Market is bringing together organic and natural product producers in what has been called an "Etsy for Eco" model.

Co-founders Liam Patterson and Jason Dainter are two young gents from Leeds University that started Eco Market to help bring attention to the types of business owners you might find at your local farmers market. Today, the marketplace features more than 10,000 products from 1,600 sellers.

Eco Market describes itself as being something like an Etsy for Eco, which makes sense for consumers that are wanting an easy way to identify small businesses that have been vetted for organic, ethical and eco-practices. Like your local farmer's market, Eco Market encourages shoppers to learn about the story of each seller.

In a press release, Patterson said, “People looking to buy eco-friendly and natural products are often just as interested in the stories behind the products. Who made it? What from and why? These questions were previously difficult to answer when buying online, where shopping can often be a very impersonal transaction.”

The challenge of developing a sustainable economy is a long and complex process, but a small slice of the puzzle will is providing access to good products made with good practices, so it is nice to hear of success stories like Eco Market of young energy trying new approaches to help push consumers in the right direction.

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