Canada to end home delivery of mail

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Mail used to be a big deal, the visit by the mailman a high point of the day. Now, according to Canada Post, the average household purchases fewer than two stamps a month. Canada Post is bleeding money paying living wages to letter carriers who have less and less to carry. They say in a press release:

With the increasing use of digital communication and the historic decline of Lettermail volumes, Canada Post has begun to post significant financial losses. If left unchecked, continued losses would soon jeopardize its financial self-sufficiency and become a significant burden on taxpayers and customers

So they are going to open more franchise stores in places like Staples, where the living wage becomes minimum wage, increase the price of a single stamp to a buck (cheaper by the roll), get rid of 8,000 employees and cancel home delivery, replacing it with Community mailboxes.

community mailbox© Canada Post

The digital age has changed the way the post office works, a shift from mail to online shopping and delivery.

The postal service of the future will reflect and serve Canadians' new postal needs. As more people began to communicate and manage their household bills online, Lettermail volumes declined sharply. Yet as more people shopped online, parcel volumes shot up. This dramatic shift is creating a pressing need to manage a greater number of parcels and less mail with more valuable items.

Coincidentally, while writing this post our letter carrier knocked on the door to deliver a parcel with a Christmas present I had ordered online. I asked him what he thought about the end of door to door mail delivery. He said "It will never happen. The public won't stand for it. The union will fight it. The government won't allow it." I think he is full of wishful thinking.

Canada to end home delivery of mail
It's the end of an era as technology buries the traditional mail service and turns it into parcel delivery of online shopping.

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