How to Apply for the 'Best Internship on Earth,' in the Outdoors

photo sierra club best internship 2012Via YouTube/Screen capture

Nobody appreciates an intern. Or do they? The Sierra Club has just announced its third and latest "Best Internship on Earth" opportunity. Described in the video below as a summer of rafting, hiking, swimming, climbing, camping, communing with nature, barbecuing and chilling. !!!

That beats making coffee and copies. It even pays a $2,500 stipend. No work-for-free experience stuff here. Well, maybe a little.

Where do I sign up?! You can apply by submitting "a 60-90 second video that showcases your love for the outdoors and why you want to be the Sierra Club's 2012 Outdoor Youth Ambassador." The deadline is 5 p.m. PDT on March 27.

The internship lasts from June through August. Besides the pay, you get to travel for free, and pick up $2,000 worth of merchandise from The North Face.

Some add ons: You have to be 18-25, a U.S. citizen and student or recent grad. You also have to get your friends to vote for you after you apply.

See the video competition right here. More FAQs on the internship are here, including winning application videos from previous years (for some ideas).

photo kokei sierra club sky divingVia YouTube/Screen capture

Kokei won last year.

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How to Apply for the 'Best Internship on Earth,' in the Outdoors
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