Green Jobs for the Navajo Nation

Native American tribes are hoping to help their members become part of the green economy. (Photo: jejim/Shutterstock)

The Navajo Nation is seeking to expand economic opportunities by focusing on green and clean energy jobs for its members. Tribal leaders are hoping that green energy legislation will receive support from the Navajo Nation Council, which was held this week. If the proposed plan is accepted, the Navajo Green Energy Commission and Fund will be created.

The commission “would support small-scale renewable energy projects, green manufacturing, such as woolen mills, energy-efficiency projects, like weatherizing homes, local business ventures, such as weaving co-operatives, and revive traditional agriculture.” Source: New Mexico Business Weekly

To help spread the word about this plan, the website has been created. On the website, interested parties can download information about the plan, sign an endorsement letter, sign an online petition, and help bring green jobs to more of the Navajo Nation by volunteering your time. The site also has a flyer targeting Navajo youth, embracing the national trend of getting youth involved in the green economy movement.

The website is a project of the Navajo Green Jobs Coalition. The coalition was formed in the spring of 2008 to ensure that the Navajo Nation is poised to take advantage of green job opportunities.

The Navajo Green Jobs Coalition isn’t the only tribal-specific organization seeking bring green jobs to tribal communities. The California Indian Manpower Consortium (CIMC) focuses on employment issues faced by member tribes. Although the Consortium was created in 1978, the organization has begun to focus on green jobs as the nation migrates towards a green collar economy.