White House Responds to Death Star Petition

Good to Know that this Administration "does not support blowing up planets"

The White House's website contains a section where citizens can create petitions asking the Obama administration to do various things. One of the most popular ones (I can't find it anymore - I think is has been removed now that there's an official response) was basically asking for the construction of a Star Wars-style death star.

Showing that the administration has got a sense of humor, Paul Shawcross, the Chief of the Science and Space Branch at the White House Office of Management and Budget, wrote an official response to the petition. It's so pitch-perfect, you should read the whole thing for yourself. It's also worth following the links for some good non-science-fiction stuff such as the International Space Station, NASA's C3PO program, the Voyager space probes, etc.

international space station photo

This'll have to do for now.

Via Petitions @ White House

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White House Responds to Death Star Petition
Sometimes reality is almost as cool as fiction. We might not get an orbital battle station any time soon, but we've got some pretty cool stuff.

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