Twitter Founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone Invest in Innovative Vegan Meat Company

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Twitter founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone undoubtedly have an eye for investment so when they saw fit to back the vegan meat company Beyond Meat, ears perked. Stone, himself a long time vegan, was at first a little taken aback by the product because it tastes so “freakishly similar” to real meat.

"The first reaction I had was, I know this is a meat analogue but if someone were to serve this to me in a restaurant I would have said 'I think this is a mistake,'" explains Stone to Fast Company. "There’s something about the mouth-feel, the fattiness. It feels fatty and muscly and like it’s not good for you when you’re chewing it. For a long-time vegan, it’s a little bit freaky."

Vegan Meat of the Future

But Beyond Meat still has many of the qualities that you look for in a vegan meat substitute like no cholesterol, no saturated fat, and lots of protein. It’s a scientific real world means of getting a meat-heavy society like the U.S. to jump on the vegan bandwagon because it's so similar to the real thing.

Fast Company reports:

Beyond Meat’s first product is Veggie Chicken Strips. After that will come a beef crumble. The chicken strips do contain soy--a somewhat contentious ingredient because of its possible health risks and connection to industrial agriculture--but the beef crumble features pea protein. In the future, Beyond Meat hopes to move beyond soy, too. 'We want to expand the use of alternatives and the number of alternative proteins available,' says Brown.

Their venture capital firm Obvious Corporation is helping with marketing and some funding of the product.

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Twitter Founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone Invest in Innovative Vegan Meat Company
Twitter founders Even Williams and Biz Stone use their company Obvious Corporation to invest in a vegan meat company.

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