Print Optimization Software Earns PrintEco Green Start-Up of the Year

EcoPrint Winner of Green Start-Up Award© RCruger
. EcoPrint's Arpan Shah accepts award for "Green Start-Up of the Year." From left to right: Arpan Shah, president of EcoPrint; Emilie Cowan of Ecofabulous; Mike Flynn, co-founder of Opportunity Green; Lisa Galindo of Zimride.

At the 5th Opportunity Green conference held in Los Angeles November 10-11, new companies presented products and services in one-minute pitches for a chance to win Green Start-Up of the Year.

In a tight race with Kiverdi carbon recyclers, PrintEco Office pulled out in front at the last minute to take the prize with its print optimization software.

Eleven entrepreneurs showcased concepts in super succinct presentations and the approximately 1000 attendees from sustainably-minded businesses voted in real-time texts for the best idea.

The inventive entrepreneurs delivered presentations at breakneck speed for several worthwhile projects, from bike sharing networks to green games and smart energy conversion systems. PrintEco Office will receive $25,000 in marketing costs to help expand and get the word out about the green venture.

No More Printing that Wasted Last Page

PrintEco office logoPrintEco/Promo image

PrintEco Office provides software that formats documents efficiently and optimizes printing on as few pages as possible – eliminating that inevitable last page with only one line. It reduces waste and printing costs by 17 percent.

A free trial for individuals saves 100 pages, then costs $5, and for businesses, the price is $11 for 1-25 workstation/users.

Tough Competition from 11 Entrepreneurs

Other innovative initiatives covered clean tech, transportation, infrastructure, water management and community development. Here are some worthwhile everyday ideas presented:

The Mutual Green Start-Up presentation at Opportunity Green© RCruger
. Dan Vallejo of The Mutual proposes his perks-for-donations venture.

The Mutual presentation -- like deal site Groupon for Good -- connects people with green charities for perks. A $10 monthly donation gets you goodies like coconut water.

Seglet offers "Revenue for Rooftops." This real estate listing service connects rooftops or open land for solar, urban agriculture and more. One listing, a residential building roof in New Jersey, offers approximately 5,382 square feet for gardening in the Garden State.

Repairing a game consolecourtesy of Dozuki/Promo image

Dozuki offers repair manuals for iPhones, iPods, game consoles and more, available as apps, PDFs and online -- so that users can repair instead of tossing and replacing units when warranties expire.

Interestingly, there were a few alternative power outfits: Alphabet Energy converts waste heat to electrical power, Langson Energy turns gas pressure into power and Kiverdi recycles carbon with alternative fuels and bio-products.

Spinlister presentation at Opportunity Green© RCruger
. Will Dennis of Spinlister pitches his bike rental outfit.

Spinlister’s bike rental marketplace connects bikers with bikes.

To be nominated, these start-ups had to be less than five years in operation, with fewer than 50 employees and less than $5 million in revenue. Innovation, impact and execution were considered in selecting the nominees from hundreds of submissions.

"It’s incredibly inspiring to see the new ideas, models and product solutions that are at the forefront and could potentially be the next big thing," says Karen Solomon, co-founder of Opportunity Green.

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Print Optimization Software Earns PrintEco Green Start-Up of the Year
Goodbye to one-liners on a new page: Print softwear wins big at the Opportunity Green Conference in Los Angeles.

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