Prince Charles Donates Millions to Combat Climate Change

Prince Charles is a very rich man, and a very generous one. In the past year donations to his environmental charities reached £12M (US $18M) which will be used to spread the word on sustainability and help combat climate change.

So where does it all come from?
According to reports, his charitable foundation income last year was £20M (US$ 30M). The donors are kept secret but are known to be from wealthy people in the UK and abroad.

Plus he entered into a joint venture with Waitrose supermarket over the production and sale of his delicious food brand Duchy Originals. Now Waitrose will take control of the brand. This boosted his coffers by another £8M (US $12M).

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So where is it being spent?
The International Sustainability Unit is a foundation set up by the Prince of Wales to campaign on global sustainability. Active in 34 countries, the Unit (ISU) is working to facilitate consensus on resolving some of the biggest environmental challenges facing the world, specifically those to do with food security, ecosystem resilience and the depletion of our natural resources. It is examining sustainable agriculture, marine ecosystems, and the rainforest.

The Prince's other pet project is Accounting for Sustainability. It gives businesses advice on how to build sustainability into their day to day operations. They work with businesses, investors and government. The two groups got £3.4M (US $5.2M).

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HRH also has charitable foundation which made donations to 34 organisations. The biggest donation went to saving Dumfries House. This was a really good one: the 18th century country estate was going to be sold off and the world's biggest collection of Chippendale furniture would have gone as part of it. The contents of the house were about to be put up for auction when he came through with the money. With his donation of £975,000 plus a big public campaign and contributions from all kinds of heritage groups, the house was saved for the nation.

Prince Charles Donates Millions to Combat Climate Change
Prince Charles has donated a fortune to fight climate change royally.

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