Hilton Invests $1.3 Million in Global Soap Project, Redirecting Hotel Waste for Social Good

The Global Soap Project is such a simple concept it's almost ridiculous: Collect the little soap bars that are discarded at hotels—an estimated 2.6 million bars a day in North America alone—melt them all together and then cut new bars that can be sent to refugee camps and other communities in need of such basic supplies.

It's a dual-mission effort: reduce waste while improving public health.

Repurposing the millions of soap bars that are discarded at hotels every single day.

The project has been taking off: they work with more than 300 hotels and have sent more than 25 tons of soap around the world. Its most recent shipment was 2.5 tons of soap to the Republic of South Sudan—the world’s newest nation—where infant and maternal mortality rates are among the worst in the world. (See the Global Soap Project for some revealing stats about the connection between proper sanitation and health.)

And founder Derreck Kayongo has been named a finalist in CNN's Heroes of the Year contest.

Now, GreenBiz reports that the Global Soap Project now has a $1.3 million investment from Hilton Worldwide to broaden the group's processing capabilities, which have already expanded significantly since the group's inception.

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