Apple to build 70 MW solar farm on site of bankrupt Arizona sapphire plant

Apple solar farm
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Last year, Apple partnered with a company called GT Advanced to build a massive artificial sapphire factory in Arizona. The goal was presumably to make enough sapphire to make the screens of iPhones (and probably also the Apple Watch). Well, things didn't quite go according to plan and GT Advanced filed for bankruptcy last fall.

Apple's intention had always been to run the factory on renewable energy "from day one", so now that they found themselves to be GT Advanced's biggest creditor, inheriting the Arizona plant, they decided to take these lemons and make lemonade (or is that Apple juice? metaphors are hard); The sapphire factory will be converted into a kind of data-center HQ, with 150 full-time Apple staff, and a solar farm capable of producing 70-megawatts of energy will be built.

Below you can see an existing Apple solar far, this one in Maiden, North-Carolina, where they plan to have at least 3:

They're also experimenting with fuel cells, as you can see on this map of the NC location:

apple nc data center plan© Apple

Good for Apple. You might remember that a few years ago they were hounded by Greenpeace for not doing enough on the environmental and social front; well, recently Greenpeace has been praising Apple. Let's hope they keep rapidly improving and earn that praise.

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