Wretched Excess, Packaging Dept: Collingwood Whisky's Flat Bottle And Plastic Top

collingwood whiskyLloyd Alter/CC BY 2.0

We're big fans of local food and artisan products, so when I heard about a whisky made in Collingwood, Ontario, where I have snowboarded for years, I had to try it out. It is not bad stuff, has a nice touch of maple in it. The problem is the packaging.

First of all, the bottle itself is really heavy. Any fan of Bucky Fuller will know that a circle encloses the most area, the sphere most volume, for the least amount of perimeter. So this big flat bottle feels like it has about twice as much glass as a normal round one.

Then there is this huge useless plastic top that serves no useful purpose and weighs in at 2-1/4 ounces. It is just silly, and the whole thing is just awkward to hold, so awkward that the checkout person at the liquor store dropped it and it knocked a bottle of wine off the counter and onto the floor.

It gets worse. I would link to better pictures of the product at collingwoodwhisky.com, but I can't; they have something I have never seen, a "linking policy", that says

You agree not to use the link on any website that disparages the Brand, the Site, or the Brand's products or services, or which infringes on the Brand's or Brown-Forman Corporation's or its affiliates' intellectual property or other rights.

Sorry guys, but I am going to do some serious disparaging, your linking policy is absolutely evil. I am not allowed to criticize your product or your packaging and link to your site? That's ridiculous.

As my father used to say, I have bought your product twice, the first and last time. I'm back to a really locally distilled, locally owned brand.

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Wretched Excess, Packaging Dept: Collingwood Whisky's Flat Bottle And Plastic Top
why is that big honking plastic top necessary?