Valentine's Day Gifts: Green Love for Everyone

Traditional Gift: Ridiculously-high thread count sheets

Eco-alternative: Linens made from bamboo or organic cotton

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Finish your evening by slipping into something a little more comfortable—on the bed, that is. Sheets made from natural, sustainable fibers, like bamboo (which is as soft as silk), or from pesticide-free fibers like the organic cotton sheets from Loop, let you sleep a little better knowing they aren’t as hard on the Earth as conventional materials.

Traditional Gift: Massage oil

Eco-alternative: A body massage candle

Photo via Peter Becker @ flickr Scandle’s soy candles do double duty: they set the mood with twinkling flames that inspire romantic moments—and then melt into a petroleum-free massage oil that works as a lotion on hands, feet, elbows, or anywhere else on your body. Aromatherapy scents like “Healing” and “Calming” are available year-round, while Valentine’s Day-specific treats include Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry and Scandle-lous (a floral blend). The candles are refillable to prevent excess waste, and each comes with a tag that grows flowers when planted.

Traditional Gift: Lingerie or boxers

Eco-alternative: Eco-friendly underwear

Photo via g=9.8

The best thing about giving underwear is that it’s kind of a gift for both of you—a gift that keeps giving, if you will. But instead of shelling out for mass-produced, carbon-guzzling fabrics like cotton and silk, try the sexy pieces (for men and women) from g=9.8: They’re made from LENPUR, a material formed from scraps of wood, but are as soft, silky, and sweet as anything you’d get from Victoria or Frederick's—not that it matters, since we doubt you’ll be wearing them very long. Need more inspiration? Check out our Ooh-la-la Organic Panties slideshow.

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