Vacavaliente's Bonded Leather Gadgets


The minute we saw these we thought in those times when you have to make a present and you have no idea what to get. Well, here's a really cool and green choice: Argentinean firm Vacavaliente (which means "brave cow") produces these cute animals and really cool workspace/home accessories entirely with bonded leather -a material composed of 90% to 100% leather fibers, often scrap from leather tanneries or leather workshops-. There are eleven different animals, including the kangaroo, monkey and caterpillar above; and a pig, chickens and a tortoise, among others. Each one has a different function and possibilities. This design studio is based in Buenos Aires, but they have a sales office in the United States (based in Weston, Florida). Orders are made through their website (wholesale prices go from 7 to 19 dollars). ::Vacavaliente