V Day Guide: 50 Ways to Please Your Lover #5 - #1

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5. Blow your baby's mind with the sensational Chocolate Fallen Soufflé Cake that Kelly showed us how to make last week.
4. Gentlemen, groom for love with Organic Guy Cedar bar soap - cedar is known for calming jitters and instilling confidence, so you can sweep your date right off their feet. Ladies, drive your Valentine wild with the scent of jasmine, a well-known aphrodisiac.
3. After you've polished off that fabulous chocolate cake, further indulge your darling with a phenomenal foot rub that stimulates those all-important trigger points .
2. Protect yourselves. While the heat of passion doesn't contribute to global warming, the unplanned consequences may have a different planetary impact.
1. Start all over again tomorrow. Just because Valentine's Day is once a year, that doesn't mean it is the only day to celebrate your sweetheart. With 50 ways to please, your darling will never have to ask "where is the love?"

#50-#6 Ways To Please Your Lover