V Day Guide: 50 Ways to Please Your Lover #40 - #36

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40. If you've been lookin' for love in all the wrong places, give Green-Passions online dating service a go. The 100% free online community for environmental singles is a great way to filter out Hummer freaks and gold diggers from your search for true love.
39. But if online dating isn't your bag, consider attending a Green Drinks gathering in your area. It isn't a singles service, but is a great way to meet like-minded folk.
38. Grab a dvd of Romeo & Juliet or Titanic and spend a romantic Valentine's evening with sexy treehugger Leonardo DiCaprio.
37. Single and talented? What better night to give your first open mic a try? Couples will be distracted by their love and other singles will be more likely to cheer on your brave act. However, we don't suggest singing bitter love songs.
36. Who needs a Valentine to score rich, delicious chocolate? Treat yourself to the fabulous confections of Green & Black's organic chocolate bars and enjoy a dose of love-like endorphins, sans bickering and dirty socks.

#50-#41 Ways To Please Your Lover