V Day Guide: 50 Ways to Please Your Lover #25 - #21

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25. Is there anything more romantic than you and your lover lazing the days away in a tiny bungalow nestled in a tropical eco-park? Visit The Green Travel Network to plan an eco-tour trip for two.
24. Surprise your lover with a sparkling clean kitchen - courtesy of you and Mrs. Meyers' eco-friendly cleansers. (especially effective you are less prone to handle the household chores…)
23. Treat your sweetie to a luscious "Gift of True Love" organic body care gift set from Pangea Organics.
22. Valentine's Day makes poets out of even the least lyrical lover. Skip the glitz and write a love poem on tree free stationary from the Vickery Eco Collection.
21. If you don't know a merlot from a brunello, and your Valentine is no sommelier either, sign up for a romantic wine tasting class and follow it up with a membership to the Organic Wine of the Month club.

#50-#26 Ways To Please Your Lover