V Day Guide: 50 Ways to Please Your Lover #20 - #16


20. Treat your fashion forward darling to Deborah Lindquist's sweet couture with a Valentine's Recycled Cashmere Sweater at Hip and Zen.
19. Please your sweetie with a beautiful fair-trade silver gemstone locket from Fair Trade Exchange.
18. Send your sweetheart an e-valentine that celebrates your love for one another and your love for the Earth. Nature Conservancy Valentine E-cards; E-Cards Valentines; Care2 Valentine e-cards.
17. Sow the seeds of love with WWF's "Love in a Bag," a reusable hessian drawstring gift bag that holds ~200g of Red Field Poppy and Corncockle wildflower seeds.
16. Serve your Valentine love in a cup with Gypsy Rose Petal Tea - organic black tea with red and pink rose petals.

#50-#21 Ways To Please Your Lover