V Day Guide: 50 Ways to Please Your Lover #10 - #6

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10. Take a dance class with your Valentine. While signing up for lessons can be risky (there is an unfortunate potential for bickering) they can also be lots of fun and are a great investment in your romantic future.
9. Book an eco-luxurious getaway at one of the Kimpton Hotel Group's Earth Care suites or arrange an eco-rendezvous at a Green Hotel.
8. Interested in a co-commute on your bikes or want to recreate in tandem? Surprise your Valentine with a fabulous foldable tandem from Green Gear Cycling.
7. Perfume is a classic V. Day gift, so TreeHuggers wanting to avoid the stink of synthetics should give their baby the romantic, all natural scent of Eco Bella perfume.
6. Your honey wears her heart on her sleeve? This pretty fair trade heart purse lets her do it in style.

#50-#11 Ways To Please Your Lover