Use chemistry life hacks to solve everyday problems

half chopped onion with knife
CC BY 2.0 Kim Becker

Regardless of how you feel about chemistry class, you’re putting chemical reactions to use in your life all the time. Knowing just a bit more about how these reactions work can make many things in life just a little easier, and a new YouTube series produced by the American Chemical Society promises to help you use chemistry to solve everyday problems.

The first part installment of the series tackles bitter coffee, tough cookies, green bananas and pans covered with cooked on grease.

The next episode has tricks for threading a needle, how to tell if an eggs is rotten, chopping an onion without tearing up and cooking veggies.

Now, I’m not to endorsing everything produced by the American Chemical Society—that thing about cleaning pans with soda seems like a pretty good case for never drinking the stuff again. I’ll skip the formaldehyde in my nail polish too. However, I like the banana-ripening trick, and if we can save some good eggs from going to waste I’m all for it.

Overall, the series seems like a good way to make chemistry accessible and get some useful tips too.

Use chemistry life hacks to solve everyday problems
Knowing a bit about the chemistry of onions, eggs and veggies can make life a lot easier.

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