Upcycled cardboard boxes become stylish and comfortable eco-chairs

Re-Ply upcycled cardboard recliner
© Re-Ply

By perching a seat and back made from laminated upcycled cardboard onto a simple yet ingenious metal frame, Re-Ply has redesigned the recliner and built the ultimate customizable eco-chair.

Most of us probably look at cardboard boxes for what they are, containers for our stuff, and a very ordinary ones at that. But other people look at boxes and see the potential of using that same material for a radically different purpose, such as turning it into furniture.

The designer of the Re-Ply chair, Dan Goldstein, says he played with paper a lot as a kid, making paper airplanes and origami boats. After getting a degree in architecture, he began revisiting the medium of paper, this time in the form of corrugated cardboard, and found a way to leverage its inherent properties (strong in tension, weak in compression) to build a better chair.

By laminating four layers of cardboard together with a water-based glue, and then molded over a form and folded into the shape of a seat and back, Goldstein ended up with a strong and comfortable shell for the chair. The seat itself is supported on a simple triangular base, and connected to it with just two bolts, which allows the chair to not just recline, but to rock back and forth.

"Is that really just cardboard? Yep. Four layers of heavy duty corrugated fiberboard to be exact. Most boxes are broken down and recycled. The Re-Ply upcycles cardboard by rescuing it from the recycling loop and making it into something more permanent and durable. And it uses a patent pending manufacturing process, so you probably haven’t ever seen anything like this before." - Re-Ply

This upcycled recliner project got funded on Kickstarter in late 2012 (almost doubling its funding goal), and the chairs are now for sale at Re-Ply, with two choices of frame color available (silver or blue).

Upcycled cardboard boxes become stylish and comfortable eco-chairs
This minimalist rocking recliner with a simple, yet stylish, seat demonstrates the strength and durability of corrugated cardboard.

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