Upcycled Canning Jars Make Nifty Reusable Cups

Drink it Up! Cup© Drink it Up! Cup

If there’s someone who knows her away around a canning jar, it’s Sherri Brooks Vinton. Author of The Real Food Revival, Put 'em Up!, and the upcoming Put ‘em Up! Fruit and The Put ‘em Up! Answer Book, Vinton is a crackerjack canner.

So it’s of little surprise that this Connecticut-based prodigy of preserving has expanded her repertoire to start her own line of reusable cups using … yes, canning jars. Sturdy, temperature-hearty and easy to grip, jars made tough enough to undergo the trials and tribulations of hot water baths and banging about the kitchen are the perfect medium for reusable cups.

A whole gamut of jars has entered the design stream lately, from grown-up coffee sippy cups to cocktail glasses in hipster bars, from vases to lamps, old glass is getting its close-up in the 'jar chic' movement. But Vinton’s Drink it Up! Cup stands out from the crowd. That it is designed (and even handmade!) by someone who holds canning so close to her heart gives it a dose of authenticity that is sometimes missing from the trend.

Drink it Up! Cup© Drink it Up! Cup

The Drink it Up! Cups are made from up-cycled, 16-ounce canning jars fitted with a stainless steel drinking straw -- the lid fits any wide mouth canning jar. They are available for $15 a pop, visit sherribrooksvinton.com for ordering information.

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