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Many TreeHuggers feel conflicted about the holidays. Afterall, it is a season during which love and humble thankfulness are celebrated by careening madly around a shopping mall desperately consuming scads of (possibly useless) stuff. On the other hand; getting and giving gifts can be a lot of fun, especially when the presents are made by good people working to make the world a better place.

To help you in your quest to find organic chocolate for your vegan girlfriend, or eco-friendly golf tees for your not-so-vegan dad, or a hemp T for your fashionista sister; TreeHugger has put together an eco-gift guide to help you and your family have a greener holiday. We'll be adding new ideas throughout the season, but here's something to help you get a jump on your holiday green giving.

This guide is just a start, so please let us know some of your ideas for eco-friendly holiday gifts! And may your every wish come true The Green Thumb; Decorations; Gift Certificates; Mommy-To-Be; Hanukkah; Gift Baskets; Shopping Mall Eco-Finds; Dogs; No Giftwrap Required; Online Eco-Stores; Clothes, etc.; House and Home; Kids and Toys; Books, Movies, Music; Food and Drink; Solar Solutions; Health and Beauty; Sports and Recreation

green thumb copy.jpg

With our gardening survey being so popular we thought we'd highlight a few of our favorite gifts for the Green Thumb. If your loved one doesn't have a garden at home, visit The Nature Conservancy's Holiday Gift Shop to find great gifts for enjoying nature's garden. And for those of you that answered our survey saying that you'd like to start gardening, why not make 2006 your year!

A. BluePlanetSMART's Composter — Not only is this the coolest composter we've seen, but it has a built-in scale too.
B. "You Grow Girl" — A great book dedicated to DIY gardening with tips and even recipes for the herbs and veggies you grow.
C. Wearable Garden Stool — This lightweight, adjustable stool makes moving around the garden easy.
D. Key Chain Plants — These little plants cannot only be carried with you, but when they get larger they can be transplanted into a garden.

decorate2 copy.jpg

As the season draws to a close, many of us will be tempted by the outrageous discounts on holiday themed bric-a-brac. But apart from that ephemeral high that comes from getting a great deal, there really isn't much to be said for loading up on Santa towels and Rudolf nightlights. Instead, save your pennies for decorating with some of these lovely green holiday trimmings.

A - Lucky Crow stylish and reusable fabric gift bags offer a simple and sustainable alternative to disposable gift wrap. Use these gorgeous bags year round for all gift giving occasions.
B - Organic Bouquet Holiday Arrangements and Wreaths - The Culinary Three Herb Wreath is made from organic thyme, rosemary, and chili peppers and natural bay leaves.
C - LED Christmas Lights - LED Christmas lights use 80% less energy than regular lights and last ten years or more.
D - Recycled Glass Ornaments - made out of cut glass reclaimed from glass factories around the he city of Cuenca, Ecuador. Each set comes with six different figures, and costs $45.

gift certificates copy.jpg

The final week before Christmas is when many of us finally start giving some real thought to our gift shopping. Unfortunately this can be a challenge if we hope to have something under the tree in time for the main event. This is where the blessed gift certificate comes in. Though they may not seem as personal - who hasn't breathed a sigh of relief when they got a gift card instead of a tacky holiday themed sweater? Rather than going for the Barnes and Noble gift card from the check-out lane at the grocery store, give one of these eco-certificates a try:

A - The Green Apple: Coupons for Natural Living in NYC - 200 discount coupons redeemable at all kinds of stores, restaurants, and fitness and yoga centers in NYC, plus nearly 150 of the coupons can be used online or through mail-order $19.95
B - Drive Neutral Certification - for about the cost of a single tank of gas, you can help a friend or family member neutralize their emissions for an entire year.
C - Community Supported Agriculture membership - Visit the Local Harvest site to find a CSA near you and purchase a share for a friend or family member.
D - Earth Share-branded CharityGiftâ„¢ cards can be used to help any of Earth Share's member organizations, or all of them through a general gift to Earth Share -- the choice belongs to the gift recipient.

mommy copy.jpg

There's nothing that mommy-to-be's want more this holiday than items to prepare them for what's to come as well as maybe a little something for themselves. We've rounded up a few of our favorite items featured on TreeHugger to bring you the perfect gift for your mommy-to-be.

A. Baby's First Toy — Choose one or all from our top five organic soft toys.
B. Clothing from Green Babies and Speeses — These adorable little one-piece bodysuits are made from organic cotton. They are too cute to resist!
C. Erbaviva Products — Their Mommy-to-Be Bath Milk comes highly recommended! They also feature products for newborns and have a large selection. Wrap it together with a hemp baby towel set and you've got a great gift.
D. Cariboo Folding Changing Table — This portable and foldable changing table is made from Radiata wood. It has a detachable changing surface that is machine washable.
E. Munchskins Skin Care (not displayed above) — From "Bum Bum Balm" to "Boo Boo Goo," these products are perfect for a newborn. They also offer a Mini Kit, which is a sampling of everything.

hanukkah copy.jpg

This year the Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life (COEJL) has put together a wonderful set of resources for celebrating an environmentally-friendly Hanukkah. "Let There Be (Renewable) Light: A New Look at Hanukkah" is an awesome guide to greening the Festival of Lights, and to help out we've put together a little list of green gelt

A - Natural Beeswax Hanukkah Candles from Global Exchange $15.00 (45 candles)
B - Recycled Glass Menorah from Vertige $170.00
C - Fair Trade Chocolate Coins from Global Exchange $3.50 (22 coins)
D - Sustainable Wood Dreidel from 3R Living $9.50

baskets copy.jpg

We think that giving a gift basket for the holidays is one of the best ideas. There's a little bit of everything and it's so much fun digging through to find what little item might be on the bottom. Here we've come up with four sites that package your gift so nicely that it's going to be hard to open them.

A - Clear Remedies — Featuring gift baskets for just about everyone and you can also purchase a membership for an eco-friendly gift-of-the-month club.
B - Therapy in a Box — Their "Fair Trade Collection" includes recycled telephone wire baskets which are handmade by the Zulu people of South Africa.
C - The Groovy Mind — Your one stop shop for delicious fair-trade coffee and chocolate brings you the Literary Lunch basket - the $42.00 gift set includes a beautiful handmade tree-free journal.
D - Goods That Give — Not only are these gift baskets collected from high quality products (from gourmet food to kids) but the packaging peanuts are FDA approved organic cornstarch and water soluble.

mall copy.jpg

The Friday following Thanksgiving finds many of us awakening in our family homes to the hustle and bustle of preparations for participating in the year's biggest shopping day. Many TreeHuggers choose to opt out altogether, but if you find yourself joining the family safari to the mall - here are some gifts that may help subvert the unconscious consumer culture.

A - Lands' End Combed Cotton/Bamboo Bath Towel at Sears $20.00
B - Shampure Soy Wax Candle & Soothing Aqua Therapy Gift Set at Aveda $35.00
C - Lilu Brown Hemp and Cotton Hobo at Pacific Sun $24.50
D - Bamboo Cutting Boards at Crate and Barrel $32.95 - $44.95


Don't forget about your favorite four-legged friend this holiday! There are tons of gifts out there from all-natural dog treats to toys to beds. We've come up with our favorites (and Duke's too!):

A - Heave Hose — colorful dog toys made from pre-consumer recycled fire hose cloth. $14.
B - Big Shrimpy Recycled Dog Beds — made with fleece pieces collected from the cutting room floor. $71.25-$198.50
C - Old Mother Hubbard Old Fashioned Biscuits — found at the Only Natural Pet Store these treats are made with 100% whole foods and 100% human grade ingredients.
D - Planet Dog Gear — for the outdoorsy dog, their gear is made from recycled plastic soda bottles (PET) and the leashes and collars are made from 100% hemp. Varies in price.

no gift wrap copy.jpg

To strike a balance and to celebrate the true meaning of the season, give the gift of hope and compassion with one of these "No Giftwrap Required" donations or services. In the long run, they will bring more joy than cashmere socks or a 10 speed blender.

A - Use the Charity Navigator Holiday Giving Tool to find a nonprofit that fits your needs.
B - Give your family the opportunity to use 100% green power with Bullfrog Power.
C - Give needy families the gift of self-reliance and hope with Heifer International.
D - Sign your favorite bike commuter up with the roadside services of the BetterWorld Club.


The good news is that environmentally conscious stores and designers are popping up all over the place, but if you've done your homework and can't find a locally owned eco-store in your hometown try one of these excellent online shops.

3R Living - high quality eco-friendly, organic products and gifts.
Anna Sova - luxury organics.
Re:modern - one-stop source for friendly modern design.

Fresh Unlimited
- organic gifts and organic gift baskets
GreenFeet - eco-friendly products for everyday living.
Hip & Zen - modern lifestyle products that nurture the body and soul.
IIKH Retail Store - eco-friendly products for bath and body, home, baby, pet, gourmet, and other specialty items.
Pangaya - organic and environmentally-friendly products of exceptional quality.
Vivavi - Eco-Design boutique where eco consciousness meets high design.

clothes copy.jpg

This Holiday season the options are nearly endless for eco-friendly, stylish clothing and accessories. All year TreeHugger has been bringing you hot pics for clothes, belts, bags, jewelry and shoes. Here are a few of our favorites:

A - GreenKarat Crossing Recycled Titanium Ring $425.00
B - Global Hemp Ming T $30.50

C - Genopalette Windowpane Wool Scarf

D - Juicy Fruit Recycled Juice Bag

home copy.jpg

The holidays are a wonderful time to introduce the un-green to hip and classy eco-style. Try out some of these lovely gifts for the home on a friend or family member that isn't convinced that you don't have to be crunchy to be green:

A - EUM-2000 — Whole House Energy Monitor
B - Fire and Light Recycled Glass Serving Bowls $46.95
C - Gardens-In-A-Bag $8-10 for a bag.
D - GREENCulture Bamboo Bath Towels $58.00 for a set.

toys copy.jpg

Lots of TreeHuggers start out as tree climbers. Keep up the tradition and give a tot (or teen) a cool green gift. Here are a few fun selections for your budding TreeHugger:

A - AntWorks Ant Farm $19.95
B - The Lorax, by Dr Seuss $4.00 (used) to $11.00 (new)
C - Radio Flyer's Earth Wagon $130.00
D - Sector 9's Pintail Bamboo Skateboard $180.00

media copy.jpg

TreeHugger is always on the watch for great books, movies and other media that demonstrate hope and progress for "The Cause." This year, share the joy with one of these samples of happy media:

A - Good Green Homes $26.37
B - Andy Goldsworthy's River and Tides DVD $15.00 (used) $20.21
C - Jack Johnson's "In Between Dreams" CD $12.00
D - The 2006 Undersea Wall Calendar by Blissen $16.00

treets copy.jpg

Just because something is organic or eco-friendly doesn't mean it isn't yummy. This holiday season, treat your friends (or yourself) to some of TreeHugger's favorite indulgences:

A - Groovy Mind Uno Loco Java Gift $27.00
B - Cocoa Vino Organic Bonbons $27.00
C - Organic Wine of the Month Club $47.00 (per month for 3 bottles)

solar copy.jpg

Got a techie on your gift list that is always plugged-in? Give power plants and the planet a break with these handy-dandy solar gadgets:

A - Voltaic Solar Bag $229.00
B - Solio Portable Solar iPod Charger $89.99
C - Notepower Solar Laptop Charger $250.00

beauty copy.jpg

The gift of pampering has always been a popular one and with the crazy holiday season upon us, don't forget about some of TreeHugger's favorite bath and beauty products:

A - Jillian With a J Pink Budda Bath Bombs $10.00
B - Organic Guy Herbal Body Scent $32.00
C - Organic Eco Lips Medicinal Lip Balm $4.99 each
D - Honeybee Gardens Nail Polish $4.99

sports copy.jpg

For those of you looking for a great active-lifestyle gift, TreeHugger has brought you a ton of solutions. Here we've selected a sampling to please everyone, whether it's for someone practicing their swing or their vinyasa.

A - Eco Golf Biodegradable Golf Tees $25.00 (for 1,000 tees)
B - Born again Fishing Lure $35.00 (for 6 lures)
C - Tactikka Plus LED Headlamp $39.95
D - Harmony Natural Rubber Yoga Mat $40.00

TreeHugger Holiday Gift Guide
Many TreeHuggers feel conflicted about the holidays. Afterall, it is a season during which love and humble thankfulness are