TreeHugger Holiday Gift Guide: The Green Thumb

green thumb copy.jpg

With our gardening survey being so popular we thought we'd highlight a few of our favorite gifts for the Green Thumb. If your loved one doesn't have a garden at home, visit The Nature Conservancy's Holiday Gift Shop to find great gifts for enjoying nature's garden. And for those of you that answered our survey saying that you'd like to start gardening, why not make 2006 your year!

A. BluePlanetSMART's Composter — Not only is this the coolest composter we've seen, but it has a built-in scale too.
B. "You Grow Girl" — A great book dedicated to DIY gardening with tips and even recipes for the herbs and veggies you grow.
C. Wearable Garden Stool — This lightweight, adjustable stool makes moving around the garden easy.
D. Key Chain Plants — These little plants cannot only be carried with you, but when they get larger they can be transplanted into a garden.