Tom's Shoes Buy One, Gift One to Aid Ethiopia for Christmas 2008

Here is a feel-good opportunity for Christmas. Tom's Shoes promises to donate 30,000 pairs of shoes to children in Ethiopia, one pair donated for each pair purchased. In case this has triggered fond reminisces about your carefree childhood running barefoot, you should know that shoelessness in Ethiopia can lead to Podoconiosis. So if you watch Tom's video, you will at least get a new word for your vocabulary, even if you are not inspired to order a pair of shoes.

But before you watch, you should know there is more to Tom's than a one-time gimmick to sell shoes at Christmas...Tom's Shoes have a tradition of sharing a pair of shoes to help needy children and improve foot health. Buy one, donate one is not a holiday marketing trick, but a business model at Tom's. Founder Blake Mycoskie, told TreeHugger that his goal is sustainable donations. Tom's shoes do not give once and move on, but keep on giving to the same group year after year, so that wear and tear does not leave a once lucky recipient shoeless again. Previous donation campaigns have gone to aid Katrina victims, children in Argentina, and children in Spain.

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