Tiny, Electricity-Free Home Nurtures Inner Peace

tiny house innermost house photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

From the 16-year-old who built a tiny home for a mortgage-free future, to the beautiful Bay Area home built from salvaged car parts, I've become a little enamored with Fair Companies' videos of unusual and unconventional living spaces. But while many of the videos focus on the interesting materials, or the ingenious space saving design, this latest is a little different.

tiny house innermost house fire photoFair Companies/Video screen capture
Visiting the 12ft squared home of Diana and Michael Lorence, the focus is not on the structure itself, but rather the lifestyle of living without electricity or running water, and instead nurturing absolute simplicity and inner reflection. The couple, who have previously refused TV interviews and other media appearances, are not "back to the land" types, says Kirsten of Fair Companies. Rather, they are people who sought refuge from the noise of society and wanted to focus on their inner lives.

tiny house innermost house fire pot photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

Kirsten does a an excellent job of offering a respectful, meditative piece that presents the true, non-materialist nature of the couples quest. And yet I find myself drawn to a material-world example of why this stuff matters. The couple's cooking pot, which is their only cooking utensil, is sized to contain just enough vegetables to make a meal for two—three if they eat more frugally. And that, they say, removes all the guess work, worry or thinking about how much or what to cook for dinner. They just fill it up with fresh veggies, place it on the fire, and eat what comes out. Maybe we could all do with a touch of such simplicity.

Tiny, Electricity-Free Home Nurtures Inner Peace
A tiny house without electricity or running water becomes a sanctuary for a couple seeking inner peace. We get a glimpes into this private, quiet world.

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