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Wedding season. Holiday season. Birthdays. Baby Showers. You name it, at some point you are going to have to (or want to) give someone a gift, but it sure seems hard to give an eco-friendly gift without it also looking like a fifth-grade arts and crafts project. Not to worry, The Greener Perspective has launched a new line of gift bags that are eco-friendly inside and out.

Currently only 4 options (Green Essentials, Intro to Green, Green Your Kitchen, Green Mom + Eco Baby) are available, but more are on the way. Gifts range in price from $40USD to $115USD and can be used for housewarming, new baby or helping someone get started greening their life. The outside bag is a reusable cloth bag, and it is filled with specially selected eco-gifts, like bamboo cutting boards, biodegradable soaps or non-toxic cleaning products. If you have a 'gift' in mind, you can also customize a bag by contacting Greener Perspective and can find more resources on green and Philly in their "Community" section.The Greener Perspective Intro to Green Gift Basket PhotoThe Greener Perspective includes an entire page devoted to explaining how each of the gift items are green. The company is based in Philadelphia, but can ship all over the US with cradle-to-cradle USPS certified shipping envelopes. The Greener Perspective is also a member of the Greater Philadelphia Sustainable Business Network.

Some of the gift baskets seem like they skimped on the green items, like the ones where they could have included more than one CFL, but its the thought that counts, right?

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