TH Valentine's Guide: 50 Ways To Please Your Lover


Recognizing that along with being lazy environmentalists, TreeHuggers might also be lazy romantics, we've put our heads together and come up with a few ideas to help you get your love on come February 14. Over the next ten days TreeHugger is going to count down 50 Ways to Please Your Lover. From suggestions on finding quality organic chocolate to tips on less material (but no less special!) ways to celebrate your love, we're going to help you put that twinkle back in your sweetheart's eye. Suggestions are welcomed AND encouraged!

50. Send your sweetie gorgeous organic roses from Organic Bouquet.
49. Make a valentine collage out of pictures from that stack of magazines you haven't taken to the recycling center.
48. Henna your lover's name with valentine doodles on your arm (or another more interesting location).
47. Visit Local Harvest to find a restaurant that serves locally grown and/or organic cuisine for your V. Day dinner.
46. Visit Babeland to get a hold of one of the groovy eco-love toys Kyeann told us about.

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45. Indulge your sweetheart with Cocoa Vino's organic bonbons. The handcrafted sweets couple two of life’s most sensual pleasures - chocolate and wine.
44. Take your Valentine to the ice or roller rink and *finally* have a couple's skate with someone with whom you actually want to hold hands.
43. Prepare a sumptuous soak for two with Jillian with a J's yummy, sexy Pink Sugar Bath Bombs. Made with all natural ingredients, these bath bombs are dessert in a tub.
42. They say trying new things in the kitchen helps keep the spice in your relationship. Sign up for a vegetarian cooking class and bring home some new recipes.
41. Taking out a personal ad for your sweetheart may seem cheesy, but this is the one day of the year where cheese is almost as good as chocolate.

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40. If you've been lookin' for love in all the wrong places, give Green-Passions online dating service a go. The 100% free online community for environmental singles is a great way to filter out Hummer freaks and gold diggers from your search for true love.
39. But if online dating isn't your bag, consider attending a Green Drinks gathering in your area. It isn't a singles service, but is a great way to meet like-minded folk.
38. Grab a dvd of Romeo & Juliet or Titanic and spend a romantic Valentine's evening with sexy treehugger Leonardo DiCaprio.
37. Single and talented? What better night to give your first open mic a try? Couples will be distracted by their love and other singles will be more likely to cheer on your brave act. However, we don't suggest singing bitter love songs.
36. Who needs a Valentine to score rich, delicious chocolate? Treat yourself to the fabulous confections of Green & Black's organic chocolate bars and enjoy a dose of love-like endorphins, sans bickering and dirty socks.

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35. Protect an acre of the Amazon in your Valentine's name at RainTrust's new heart-shaped nature reserve. The "Heart of Amazonas" reserve isn't on their web site yet, but they are inviting inquiries.
34. Give your sweetie a rub-down with the "stimulating, aphrodisiac composition" found in Primavera Eros Body Oil. The 99% organic formula is a blend of Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Osmanthus and other pure essential oils.
33. Pop your baby's cork with a bottle of organic bubbly. Select a variety from Kara's review of eco-champagnes.
32. Send your honey a singing valentine. This product service system is a sure-fire way to score big points in your darling's office gossip pool.
31. Start your Valentine's day off right with breakfast in bed featuring the sweet taste of Fiddler's Green Farm organic pancakes and a pot of steamy Groovy Mind fair trade coffee.


30. Thinking about popping the question? or just want to spoil your Valentine? GreenKarat's sustainable jewelry designs are sure to make your sweetheart's pals "green" with envy.
29. Always a classic - make a mixed CD of songs that you both love, or better yet - skip the plastic and make the transfer with one of these cute memory sticks.
28. Give your veggie honey a t-shirt that says it all: "Compassion is Super Sexy" from the PETA catalog.
27. Set the mood with scented soy wax candles from Timothy Han.
26. If you've got a stretch limo in mind to woo your lover, make it a carbon neutral ride with TerraPass. Lovers in either NYC or LA should check into the eco-luxury rides at OZOcar (NY) or Eco-Limo (CA).

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25. Is there anything more romantic than you and your lover lazing the days away in a tiny bungalow nestled in a tropical eco-park? Visit The Green Travel Network to plan an eco-tour trip for two.
24. Surprise your lover with a sparkling clean kitchen - courtesy of you and Mrs. Meyers' eco-friendly cleansers. (especially effective you are less prone to handle the household chores…)
23. Treat your sweetie to a luscious "Gift of True Love" organic body care gift set from Pangea Organics.
22. Valentine's Day makes poets out of even the least lyrical lover. Skip the glitz and write a love poem on tree free stationary from the Vickery Eco Collection.
21. If you don't know a merlot from a brunello, and your Valentine is no sommelier either, sign up for a romantic wine tasting class and follow it up with a membership to the Organic Wine of the Month club.


20. Treat your fashion forward darling to Deborah Lindquist's sweet couture with a Valentine's Recycled Cashmere Sweater at Hip and Zen.
19. Please your sweetie with a beautiful fair-trade silver gemstone locket from Fair Trade Exchange.
18. Send your sweetheart an e-valentine that celebrates your love for one another and your love for the Earth. Nature Conservancy Valentine E-cards; E-Cards Valentines; Care2 Valentine e-cards.
17. Sow the seeds of love with WWF's "Love in a Bag," a reusable hessian drawstring gift bag that holds ~200g of Red Field Poppy and Corncockle wildflower seeds.
16. Serve your Valentine love in a cup with Gypsy Rose Petal Tea - organic black tea with red and pink rose petals.


15. Order one of these cute Fair Trade Valentine's Kits and show your love for goods that are fairly traded and sustainably produced.
14. Touch Wood Rings are equally as elegant and certainly more eco-friendly than their metallic counterparts. The rings are even more special when you read about artists David & Nicola's romantic off-the-grid lifestyle in B.C.
13. Pick up a copy of Desert Quartet: An Erotic Landscape by environmental writer Terry Tempest Williams and explore the sensuous landscape of Southern Utah with your lover.
12. Or, if your tastes run more to the salacious - tune into F. for Forest to heat things up in the boudoir.
11. Call into your favorite radio station and dedicate a song to your Valentine (remember, cheesy is pleasing on V. Day).

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10. Take a dance class with your Valentine. While signing up for lessons can be risky (there is an unfortunate potential for bickering) lessons can also be lots of fun and are a great investment in your romantic future.
9. Book an eco-luxurious getaway at one of the Kimpton Hotel Group's Earth Care suites or arrange an eco-rendezvous at a Green Hotel.
8. Interested in a co-commute on your bikes or want to recreate in tandem? Surprise your Valentine with a fabulous foldable tandem from Green Gear Cycling.
7. Perfume is a classic V. Day gift, so TreeHuggers wanting to avoid the stink of synthetics should give their baby the romantic, all natural scent of Eco Bella perfume.
6. Your honey wears her heart on her sleeve? This pretty fair trade heart purse lets her do it in style.

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5. Blow your baby's mind with the sensational Chocolate Fallen Soufflé Cake that Kelly showed us how to make last week.
4. Gentlemen, groom for love with Organic Guy Cedar bar soap - cedar is known for calming jitters and instilling confidence, so you can sweep your date right off their feet. Ladies, drive your Valentine wild with the scent of jasmine, a well-known aphrodisiac.
3. After you've polished off that fabulous chocolate cake, further indulge your darling with a phenomenal foot rub that stimulates those all-important trigger points .
2. Protect yourselves. While the heat of passion doesn't contribute to global warming, the unplanned consequences may have a different planetary impact.
1. Start all over again tomorrow. Just because Valentine's Day is once a year, that doesn't mean it is the only day to celebrate your sweetheart. With 50 ways to please, your darling will never have to ask "where is the love?"

TH Valentine's Guide: 50 Ways To Please Your Lover
Recognizing that along with being lazy environmentalists, TreeHuggers might also be lazy romantics, we've put our heads together and come up with a few ideas to help you get your love on come February 14. Over the next ten days TreeHugger is going to