Space Pen


They say it uses Thixotropic ink-semi-solid. Obviously, I say. Writes in zero gravity, underwater, on wet surfaces, in blazing heat and freezing cold and at any angle. Pressurized with nitrogen. Made with high precision manufacturing tolerances, the ink comes out due to gas pressurization. This prevents the pen from drying out and gives it a 100 year shelf life. Started going on space missions as of Apollo 7 in 1968. A beautifully simple piece of design. Endlessly refillable. Easily carried in your pocket. Recyclable. Excellent gift at $20. :: Buy at SpacePen.comJacques Cousteau, Neil Armstrong and Jerry Seinfeld are among the celebs using the infamous Fisher Spacepen


A matt black version.


A camo version.


The chrome version but with a palm pilot stylo.


Extendable version.


Nice sleek little wallet for the essentials.