Say it with Butterflies - Green Start-Up Grows Monarch Butterflies for Events, Therapy & Conservation

mariposeando butterflies for your wedding photo

Image Credit: Mariposeando

Here is an interesting buisness idea; grow butterflies to let fly at special ocasions and at the same time help the enviornment as well as people with special needs. The project is called Mariposeando (Spanish for something like 'butterflying') and has just hatched out in the North of Spain. The idea behind it is to help the population of Monarch Butterflies (Danaus Plexippus) grow as it has been declared as a species that needs protecting by the Spanish Ministry of the Environment. So why not let some butterflies free at your next party or send them as a green wedding gift!

mariposeando butterfly with kid photo

Image Credit: Mariposeando

Apart from protecting this species from becoming possibly extinct, the project also provides work to people of a high risk of social exclusion, due to physical or mental illnesses. The centre created the butterfly care-taker jobs, activities that act as therapy to the people of the centres. A similar project is Leopoldo, who provide work and therapy through growing vegetables.

There are three products Mareposeando offers: The act of liberating butterflies at events such as weddings or parties, educational kits for schools and children to learn about the butterfly's life cycle in a fun way, and, a colony of butterflies for your own garden. You can even get individual butterflies, a beautiful gift for someone in hospital for example or a surprising extra to a ring when you ask those 4 words.

mariposeando centre and butterfly farm photo

Image Credit: Mariposeando

The Mariposeando blog, as well as the @mariposeate tweets (both only in Spanish so far but Google translator is on it) have interesting facts about the Monrach Butterfly and tips for how to take care of them. Did you know that by putting the box with your butterflies in the fridge for 20 minutes, they keep still for 30 seconds afterwards so you can place them and take a photo without them flying away? According to the web site, this doesn't harm the insects since they are cold blooded animals. That way you can decorate the bride's dress with butterflies for the wedding shot and let them fly away afterwards. A nice 3P (for People, Planet and Profit) start-up I am looking forward to hearing more about.

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