Rooster on Chicago Subway Tracks Makes Headlines, Proves City is Urban Farm Friendly (Video)

Rooster in Chicago's Blue Line subwayLiLTI819/Video screen capture

It’s the kind of story that makes news in small town America -- not in a big city like Chicago. But this week a rooster made headlines after it managed to make his way onto Chicago's CTA train tracks at the Logan Square Blue Line stop.

Fox Chicago reports that CTA cut power to the tracks and stopped trains until a police officer could retrieve the cocky trespasser and transport it to Animal Care and Control where it was treated for a broken wing.

Rooster in Chicago’s CTA Blue Line station

Watch the video uploaded to YouTube by LiLTI819 of the police officer who was on rooster rescue duty this day. I bet the jokes continued all day back at the precinct for the officer. If you’re wondering how a rooster made it into the subway-you’re not alone.

Chicagoist reader, thatdudeguydude, speculates on where the rooster may roost:

I know there is a guy who lives right on Shakespeare about a half a block west of the cop shop that keeps roosters or hens or chickens or whatever in his backyard. He's neighbors with my friends and we'd go back there and hang out with him sometimes. Wonder if it's one of his...

In my neighborhood in Chicago, I’ve seen roosters, ponies, ducks, chickens, pigs and we even had a cow in my backyard once. Considering that 51% of the Logan Square neighborhood shares an ethnic makeup with my own neighborhood, I don’t find this rooster sighting all that odd.

But maybe it’s a sign that Chicago’s urban farming ordinance of 2011 is already working. Maybe it’s working too well.

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