Rod's Pawz: Make Your Own Organic Dog Treats

We mentioned awhile ago that our favorite (or, Duke's favorite) dog treats were Old Mother Hubbard's peanut butter biscuits. After reading about Rod's Pawz in the recent issue of Yankee Magazine we decided to try something we hadn't before — making our own dog treats. Through the Rod's Pawz website, we ordered the organic dry ingredients that came in a burlap bag with a cute bone-shaped cookie cutter and making them was easier than we thought! Nini Casey, owner of Rod's Pawz, says her dog Rod's unconditional love was the inspiration for her company. In addition to the "Make Your Own," Nini sells bags of already-made treats, made with all organic ingredients, and bakes about 200 pounds of them per week! Although she says the most popular is the peanut butter, she also recommends the vegetarian because of their garlic (apparently it deters fleas, who knew?). Bags of treats range from $4 to $9.25 and the "Make Your Own" are $15. Thanks for the photo, Duke! Via ::Yankee Magazine ::Rod's Pawz