Remember trailer parks? Now they're called 'tiny house hotels'

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Tiny homes, which in Portland are sometimes designated by their official name 'accessory dwelling units' are all the rage. Postcards in residents' mailboxes advertise the benefits of building tiny homes, and tout the city's current love-affair with these small buildings because they create density in the city rather than sprawl on its outskirts.

'The Pearl'

So, no surprise that Portland has the first 'official' U.S. tiny house hotel, a circle of three tiny homes smack in the heart of the city's Alberta district. Called the Caravan, this trio of tiny homes can accommodate a maximum of ten guests.

Each of the three tiny trailers has its own tiny toilet and shower, electric heat, and tiny kitchen, all housed in under 200 square feet. All custom built, the three houses have individual charms - Rosebud has a blonde-wood Scandinavian feel, while the Pearl has lots of gleaming aluminum. The Pearl, at just 90 square feet, was also built to be as energy-efficient as possible.

'The Tandem'

A stay at the Caravan costs $125 per night for two guests. There's no room service, but for stays of more than three days, guests can request a cleaning.

The hotel 'amenities' are a fire pit, chairs, and a hammock. The three tiny homes - named 'The Rosebud,' 'The Tandem,' and 'The Pearl' - are clustered on a single residential lot, surrounded by the bustling neighborhood with its cafés, cart restaurants, funky shops, and also, noise from adjacent bars.

In the olden days, three mobile homes on wheels at one site would likely be designated a trailer park and would probably occupy less than prime real estate outside the urban core. These days, luckily, tiny homes are seen as a great way for property owners to add on, both living space, and property value, and by taking on hotel guests, they can park themselves on prime urban real estate.

Via: Portland Monthly

Remember trailer parks? Now they're called 'tiny house hotels'
Everything old is new, and a circle of small homes on wheels is now a tiny house hotel welcoming international guests.

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