Raising Chickens Is a Patriotic Duty, Uncle Sam Says So

raising chickens is good for you and the countrycity farmer/Public Domain

In cities and towns all over North America, citizens are trying to occupy their own back yards and raise their own chickens, only to have the governments cry fowl play. We recently quoted the mayor of one such town, who said "I think it's just wrong to have animals in the urban centres. What's next? Where do we draw the line? Cattle, swine, sheep?"

But in fact it used to be considered a good thing, vigorously promoted by the United States of America, as a way of feeding the country in time of war, of increasing the independence and resilience of its citizens. City Farmer quotes the always popular Everybody's Poultry Magazine, encouraging citizens:

… to increase the production of poultry and eggs, to increase the general interest and especially to, in some way, bring back the thousands upon thousands of small and backyard breeders who flourished years ago, who kept high grade standard-bred stock, and were in part at least, producers as well as consumers.”

“There are great questions requiring consideration and united action, but this one of the backyard breeder in city and village alike is foremost of all.

This year thousands have come back, necessity has best illustrated their worth to themselves but we want more, all should return and thousands more, there is room for all and if fifty percent of the families kept from 15 to 25 fowls each it would total half a billion dollars in value to our national resources and a billion dollars more to the value of the food supply.

poultry in motioncity farmer/Public Domain

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Raising Chickens Is a Patriotic Duty, Uncle Sam Says So
The Man says "In Time of Peace a Profitable Recreation, In Time of War a Patriotic Duty"

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