PlateTopper Keeps Food Fresh, Makes Tin Foil and Plastic Wrap Obsolete

plate topper michael tsengMichael Tseng/Screen capture

Any reasonably green minded person, and most people in general, makes an effort to save leftover food. Usually, that means plastic wrap, tin foil, or Tupperware. Each has its downsides; the first two can be hard to deal with, and worse, they're thrown away after one use. Tupperware does the job, but you can't put it in the microwave and it's hard to keep all the containers and lids straight. But now a designer has come up with a product that makes those problems a thing of the past: the PlateTopper, the plastic lid that suctions easily onto any plate in single motion.

The designer is Michael Tseng, and he's been refining the PlateTopper for several years. Like all good designs, it's simple and effective. Pick it up by the handle, center it over the food, and press it down. To release it, lift a tab and it comes off easily.

To make things ever better, it's also dishwasher and microwave safe. PlateToppers fit a wide range of plate sizes and can be stacked on top of one another, saving room in the fridge. However, Tseng needs some start up cash to bring the design to market, so he's launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $12,000.

Best of all? The PlateTopper is BPA free and built to last, so you'll only need one or two to keep food fresh for a lng time.

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PlateTopper Keeps Food Fresh, Makes Tin Foil and Plastic Wrap Obsolete
A clever, simple design makes saving leftover food easy as can be. Say goodbye to plastic wrap, tin foil and Tupperware.

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