Picky Eaters Will Love Their Vegetables on Plates Encouraging Food Play

These plates are so much fun; even the pickiest of eaters will be happy to eat their peas and corn. If only to see what is underneath the food.

Created by a Polish designer, Boguslaw Slowinsk ,they are a delightful solution to the age-old problem.

Slowinski is from Poland and teaches at a university. But as he says "the most important school for me it is school of making art and making my own projects by myself." He delights in creating things from any kind of material. His website is in polish but there are interesting pieces to be seen, carpets (including a bow tie made from carpet), lighting, hand bags, folk art, children's play toys and even his own variation on a Rubik's cube.

There seems to be little english information available about him, so we wrote to him and asked about his history and design philosophy. He replied that "I do not like to write about myself in the boring way" so he composed a poem in response.

Here it is:

"I'm a designer, from the beginning till the Sunday.
Even when I'm sleeping tight, I eat design, I know it right.
When I look into the distance, I see hell, I see heavenly existence
And I know that soon after we start, we work to be torn apart
We work for flaws and for qualities, for desires and infidelities.
I want to run fast, so as to flee, I want to jump cause there are things to
To laugh, so there's the will.
Slowly, little by little, to dive into this rill -
Into the Narnia world so warm, so cold, so as to say, being not so old
I'm the creator of the day, and I'm touching you - hey!
I want a rainbow to come and.drink to the full, drink some,
And give a little of thyself, so I could pour into you joy, the joy itself
And when the dawn draws near, I cry to you, turn here!
On this country, on this scenery, on the picture living cheery.
Take a look and do stare, cause I've got LED, here and there.
It will shine for you indeed, and give back, in need
The warmth of night and shape of day, where you are, I'm to stay.
Inside of me you are to dwell, it goes together, oh so well,
Such a syllable, such phonology, it sounds great, like musicology."

Just in, from his new series, called FaceOn1:

Picky Eaters Will Love Their Vegetables on Plates Encouraging Food Play
Get your kids to eat their peas and carrots with these playful designs.

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