Photo of the Day: New Life for an Old Book

Pity the abandoned book. Once the star of the cultural world and a primary vehicle in which we consumed our entertainment, the bound book has been mercilessly upstaged and usurped by electronic media and digital gizmos.

And although that may be a blessing for the trees, what about the hordes of abandoned books, forgotten on the shelves and gathering dust in thrift shops?

Artist Lisa Occhipinti to the rescue.

A savior of the printed word, Occhipinti salvages books left for dead and crafts them into a variety of new forms. Among other creations, she turns tomes into bookmobiles -- not of the traveling library type, but that of kinetic sculpture. In this incarnation, the pages bloom from the spine, lines of type swoop in an elegant cascade, and the cover acts as a perfectly pitched roof as if to shelter words from a storm.

All books should have such a glamorous second life.

Photo of the Day: New Life for an Old Book
An artist turns pages into art.

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