People will always need plates

For our birthday today our favourite sister brought from London the most wonderful plate, one of a series of "six English bone china plates illustrating the minimal beauty of white-rendered pre-war modern masterpieces across London". More treehugger still is "me old china" where designers hannah dipper and robin farquhar (the lower case is theirs)"buy the beautiful one-off odds and ends of beloved dinner-services that even charity shops struggle to sell and in collecting enough pieces we are able to assemble lovely combinations into more imaginative and useful products. With these we currently create a range of 2 and 3 tier cake plates in a myriad of colours and designs"- creative recycling and great presents (one can't own too many cake trees) at ::people will always need plates They remind us of our founder Graham's "We are happy to serve you" cups- a clever twist on common things that surround us.