The Pedal Wash makes a lot of sense; somebody should start a laundro-gym

Pedal Wash
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It's a regular feature on TreeHugger: the pedal powered washing machine. If only we had known about Steven M. Johnson and his Patent Depending site earlier, we could have credited him with the idea. It's very clever in the way that it unfolds, so that anyone could get their daily exercise in the laundry room.

And think of what it would do to laundromats; you would never have to go to the gym anymore. As always, he's on to something.

Pedal powered washing machines on TreeHugger:

Alex Cabunoc & Ji A You GiraDora© Alex Cabunoc & Ji A You
In fact, pedal powered machines are a real thing in countries without regular running water or electricity. Women spend up to six hours a day, three to five times a week doing laundry in rivers with a washboard. More: Innovative Foot-Powered Washing Machine Could Alleviate Poverty for Millions (Video)
bicycle clothes washer
"This is a triple-win: Being clean, getting clean and getting exercise." More: Wash your clothes by pedaling your bike (with video)There is another approach that might be more flexible and comfortable: an exercise bike generator that hooks up to a separate washing machine. That way, if you don't have laundry to do, you can power something else. Jaymi liked the idea:
I have to say, as someone who likes to cycle for exercise and multitask, I'd definitely consider something like this. It'd not only save me money from the energy bill each month, but I'd be able to quit my gym and save money there too. Not a bad deal. And I'd be forced to exercise since being lazy means no clean clothes.
More: Pedal-Powered Washing Machine Gets Big Company Backing
The Pedal Wash makes a lot of sense; somebody should start a laundro-gym
Steven M. Johnson beats a whole lot of TreeHugger posts to the punch.

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