Organic Bouquet Holiday Arrangements and Wreaths

seasonal-reds.jpe Here's some holiday cheer: Organic Bouquet is doing very well. Its sales are expected to grow over 200% to $2.5 million this year. Think of all of the beauty in bloom without the aid of icky -cides! Hooray.

During the holiday season, in cases where you don't know someone well, or want to let a group of people far away know you're thinking of them, foliage often does the job. If you're in the market for a wreath or bouquet, there is still time to send a lush, eco-friendly greeting. The Culinary Three Herb Wreath (continue reading below to check it out) is a stand-out among the wreath options. three-herb-wreath.jpe It's made from organic thyme, rosemary, and chili peppers and natural bay leaves. Your lucky giftee(s) will think of you all year long as they add a pinch here or there. Charitable bouquets benefit organizations ranging from Heifer International to Planet Savers. Everybody wins! :: Organic Bouquet


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