Nudie Jeans recycles worn-out denim into cool home goods

recycled jeans
© Nudie Jeans

The Swedish denim maker Nudie Jeans is eco-friendly in a lot of ways. They use organic cotton and their retail shops to double as repair shops, so you don’t have to buy new jeans as often.

But eventually, clothing wears out. So, Nudie has come up with a stylish way to recycle jeans that can’t be repaired and keep the material from ended up in a landfill. They’ve made a limited run of rag rugs and foldable stools, both inspired by camping. The foldable stools can be used for travel or in small homes. The stool’s seat is woven from the inseams and outseams of jeans, and mounted on a steel frame. A rep from Nudie said the steel isn’t made with recycled material, but it is certified non-toxic.

recycled jeans© Nudie Jeans

recycled jeans© Nudie Jeans. Closeup of woven stool seat.

The rag rugs, called tansmatta in Swedish, are made from shredded pieces of denim. These two projects recycle 90 precent of a pair of jeans. Back pockets, rivets, buttons, and waistbands were not recycled as part of these projects, but will be kept for future recycling.

Nudie has made 250 camper stools, which sell for $299 or €199. The run of rugs includes 275 small rugs that sell for $499 or €299, and 75 large rugs that sell for $899 or €599.

If you find the price tag high, the project is a great example of something you could DIY. Perhaps that’s the most exciting part about the upcycling trend: recyclable materials are available to designers and crafty consumers alike.

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