Nimli Offers 20% Off Online Eco Marketplace

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Today's TreeHugger Deal$ comes from Nimli, a comprehensive and eco online shopping site. It offers everything from shoes (men's and women's) to beauty products to home decor and so much more from independent designers who combine their effortless creativity with our environmentally conscious ethics. All of Nimli's offerings are ecologically friendly products that are natural, organic, recycled, sweatshop-free, and cruelty-free. They are firmly aligned with a lifestyle that cultivates a green conscious mind, body, and soul.

But what we find to be cool is that Nimli is striving to be one of the most environmentally mindful retailers.
Nimli's practice and policy requires all designers to ship their products directly to customers. This results in placing a much lower carbon footprint by eliminating the unnecessary step of shipping items to a warehouse for future re-shipment. Further advancing this model and striving to become completely carbon neutral, Nimli purchases Green Tags to offset the carbon released from shipping, energy consumption and other business activities.

So from today until March 15, 2010, Nimli is offering exclusively to TreeHugger readers 20% off their online purchase. Coupon code: TREEHUGGER10. Nimli

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