It's National Pet Week! Here's how to celebrate

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It's National Pet Week! The week, which runs from May 5-11, is a chance to not only celebrate the bond we have with our pets, but also to learn about responsible pet ownership.

We have quite a few resources here on TreeHugger about savvy and eco-friendly pet ownership that we wanted to remind you about, and which may help to answer some common questions.

Let's start with how to find new pets. Adoption, of course! Check out: An Easy Way to Support Pet Adoptions

(And please, please don't try to own exotic pets. It's usually bad for you, the animal, and the environment.)

There is always the question of what to feed Fluffy. We take a look at: How sustainable is pet food?

To be sure your pet is eating the best, try these 10 natural and organic pet foods instead.

Why it is so important to pick up after your dog. It's all about health -- yours, your dog's and everyone accessing the water table.

When your pet does get ill, take a look at these 21 Natural Home Remedies for Pets.

And let's not forget to take a closer look at pet supplements. It's important to do a little research before adding these items to your pet's diet: Pet supplements: 5 things you need to know

Training is as important as any other aspect of pet ownership. We love these 12 lifesaving tricks to teach your dog, but training is just as important for many other animal species kept as pets -- even cats! Training keeps minds active, bodies fit, and improves the bond between you and your pet. This girl and her cat trained to do agility course tricks proves it:

And finally, there is the fun side of pet ownership, including taking loads and loads of photos! Here's a resource for 7 dog personalities and how to photograph them.

Enjoy National Pet Week! Check out the organization's home page for more information about pet ownership and veterinary medicine.

It's National Pet Week! Here's how to celebrate
This week is all about celebrating the bond between pets and their humans, and learning as much as you can about smart and eco-savvy pet ownership.

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