Maminas Fabric Dolls

Maminas: fabric dolls in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Photo.

Walking around the design store at the Museum of Latin American Art (Malba, the newest and most chic museum in Buenos Aires), we spotted these beautiful fabric toys made by Argentinean designer Mariana Bandin.

The dolls and animals are entirely made from fabric and finished by hand by the designer. Even though the designer could use recycled fabric, we give credit to Maminas because getting artisan toys from materials like fabric is way better than those industrial plastic ones, which take lots of resources and materials to produce.

Plus, they’re a great excuse to step by this shop, where you can also find Vacavaliente’s bonded leather accessories.

UPDATE: Maminas also sells in Japan (Time@home and Wall), the United States (in New York at YoyaShop and UrbanoKids and in California at Lama) and in the UK (at Couverture in London).

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