Make Your Easter Sweet 'N Green


Easter isn't just for tykes. In fact, when you take a moment to think about it - Easter is a pretty darned adult-type holiday. Whether celebrating religious redemption or vernal rebirth, the Easter season invites us grown-ups to be optimistic about life and to believe in renewal. Is there a better reason to share gifts and time with friends and family? Or a better way to do it than with the tender Earth in mind? To that end, here are a few suggestions for making this Easter weekend sweet and green…1) Go chem. free when you color eggs using Instructables DIY guide to coloring eggs with onion skins. Skip excess packaging and sketchy artificial colors to make these naturally beautiful eggs.

2) For post-egg hunting aged kids, replace the standard plastic neon green basket with a cool pot or planter that the kids can use to plant their own herbs or veggies. Include some heirloom seeds and soil and voila! the perfect eco-Easter basket.

3) Unless you've really done your homework, avoid the temptation to bring home a live bunny. To learn more about the ins and outs of owning a rabbit check out the House Rabbit Society's super-informative web page or visit the "Make Mine Chocolate" campaign site. Thanks for the tip Kyeann!

4) Speaking of chocolate... Skip the kids' waxy choco-bunny and set yourself up with some unfathomably good Persephone bonbons from fair trade/organic chocolatier Cocoa-Vino. No joke, these babies will knock your socks off. Half of the box is a gooey/salty/lemon-y surprise unlike anything I've tasted before, and the other half is a rich/smooth/lavender melt-in-your-mouth sensation.

5) It really wouldn't be a proper Easter without a good dose of the cute factor, and it doesn't get much cuter than SOYnia, the silky bunny made of soy fur (pictured above). Cousin to Tofu Bear, this sweet thing is the perfect alternative to a live bunny.