Lucirmás Turns Single Wine Bottles into 3-Piece Table Sets

Pure-bottle© VictorMaxPhoto

Future anthropologists might conclude that we were a culture of boozers, given the abundance of wine bottles we've produced. Fortunately, they might also conclude that these wine-swilling people were a resourceful lot, given the creative reuse of said bottles. We've seen wine bottles transformed into lamps and planters, ceilings and walls, earthships and entire houses -- not to mention a whole host of glassware, perhaps the most ubiquitous bottle upcycling application of all.

It's an obvious re-use. Lop off the top and presto, a glass. But the Barcelona-based company, Lucirmás, founded in 2006 by Italian designer Lucia Bruni, takes this simple concept a step further with Pure-Bottle, which employs the top section in new forms as well.

Pure-bottle© VictorMaxPhoto

Pure-Bottle is a fully recycled and recyclable table set which consists of a glass, a votive-holding "lantern," and a spoon. Each table set is made from a recycled wine bottle which has been cut in two positions, completely giving new purpose to the object. Clever, right? Thinking outside of the box, one bottle at a time.

The sets come in three colors and will be presented at the Milan Furniture Fair at the Lucirmás stand in the 'Discovering' section.

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