Litegreen: Another Resource for the Ethical Consumer


Litegreen is a new online consumer information and shopping directory aimed at making conscious consumerism quick and pain-free. Based on their own ratings criteria, Litegreen reviews the "world's leading brands to assess their impact on the planet and their attitudes to workers rights"; if you see something you like, you can buy it after a quick re-direct to a partnering retailer. The site is based on the idea that everyone can "become Litegreen" through education on the purchasing decisions we make, from fashion to food to toys to special treats, and that whatever you want to buy, there will almost always be a Litegreen option. In addition to advocating for conscious consumerism, Litegreen also wants to help cool our warming globe, so they've pledged to plant a tree every time someone spends £50 through Litegreen, as well as each time someone registers (it's free) with the site. Part of the "Litegreen" ethos is that nobody is perfect, and, to be sure, there are lots of less-than-perfect companies and products on the site; this seems to be by design. Appealing to those who aren't full-fledged TreeHuggers just yet, "Litegreen means that the object of your desires costs little or nothing more, is a lot better for the planet and the people on the planet, and also meets your expectations in terms of quality, design and style." We've seen variations on this theme before, with Green for Good (currently undergoing a facelift), Fivelimes and Alonovo; though we know that we can't collectively shop our way to sustainability, it's important to know the story behind what you buy. If Litegreen can bring more folks to the green side, we certainly won't complain. ::Litegreen via ::Hippyshopper

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