Last-Second Valentine Green Gift Ideas (for the eco-&-time-challenged)

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Green Gift Giving for the time-&-eco-challenged

Got to get yourself out of some hot solar-heated water from not selecting something from our last-minute V-day guide? Needed to overnight a Valentine's Day nod yesterday but didn't? Shipping is for the carbon-addicted bird's peeps anyway, so send an e-card that celebrates biodiversity. Or how about making an on-line mix tape? Gift an acre of rainforest...The National Zoo has e-cards with photos of a range of amorous animals. Also Animal Planet's e-card selection is here.

To digitally give the green gift of music at the last minute, try FaveTape or Opentape, sites that let you assemble and send the tunes that say I love you.

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Preserve an acre of rainforest in you loved one's name. Raintrust let's you gift a little piece of heaven on earth.

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Well if the above ideas get you out of the dog house, you might just have need for some the late night suggestions offered in our Valentine's Day Gift Guide. But if you're a card-caring member of the last-minute club, and you live in Chicago you can just have a sex toy delivered by bike.